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Celebrating 10 Years of Omega-3 Industry Growth


Working in conjunction with our global membership, GOED has achieved a broad array of successes since its inception in 2006. The following is a sampling of the highlights over the last 10 years:



  • Revised European hygiene regulations that would have banned the import of fish oils into the EU
  • Worked with the European Commission on the establishment of Article 13 triglyceride and blood pressure maintenance claims
  • Worked with the EU to make an Article 14 children's health claim on visual acuity workable for the industry
  • Helped establish Nutrient Reference Value in EU for EPA and DHA
  • Made recommendations to the European Commission and European Food Safety Agency on nutrition claims and intake recommendations for EPA and DHA
  • Commissioned a safety assessment and European intake assessment in an effort to defend against the establishment of an unscientific upper limit in the EU
  • Filed blood pressure health claim petition with the US FDA (petition is still being reviewed)
  • Petitioned the Institute of Medicine on two separate occasions to establish Dietary Reference Intakes for EPA and DHA in the US and Canada
  • Negotiated a Prop 65 settlement to protect the industry against frivolous lawsuits related to PCBs
  • Provided oral testimony to the US National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) in the US concerning the reasons why fish oil should remain on approved non-organic ingredient list
  • Provided comments to the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee concerning its work on the Dietary Guidelines for American 2015-2020 report, which contained favorable mention of EPA & DHA
  • Worked with the Australian government on multiple issues, including standards for the identity of fish oils and establishing new monographs
  • Worked with Indonesian authorities to implement new quality standards for the use of fish oils.
  • Worked with industry and the Indonesian government to restructure a rule that would have blocked the import of most omega-3 supplements
  • Supported the Chinese government in establishing a DRI for EPA and DHA in 2014
  • Obtained Codex NGO status and participated in discussions on creation of a named fish oil standard and nutrient reference value (NRV) for EPA+DHA


Education and Outreach
  • Completed successful national consumer education campaign in the US, which improved year-over-year monthly sales 3%
  • Built consumer website at AlwaysOmega3s.com and social media platform
  • Created three consumer-facing infographics on omega-3s and brain health, omega-3 and heart health and the difference between ALA, EPA and DHA.
  • Developed infographic for doctors (also available in Chinese and Japanese)
  • Developed improved GOED weekly member newsletter to provide enhanced analysis and commentary
  • Launched a Chinese-language weekly member newsletter
  • Published an annual Ingredient Market Report detailing the global EPA and DHA ingredient market by source, region and application
  • Published a report on the global market for EPA and DHA finished products
  • Conducted consumer research about omega-3 usage and behaviors in 20+ countries
  • Hosted an omega-3 specific conference, GOED Exchange, every two years to address industry issues and further omega-3 education
  • Implemented a healthcare professional education program on Medscape.com
  • Organized multiple Omega-3 Pavilions at international trade events to support Held a seminar in China with the Chinese Nutrition Society for doctors to educate them about the benefits of omega-3s, which contributed to the establishment of a Chinese DRI for EPA and DHA


  • Took over publication of Fats of Life, a practitioner-focused newsletter, reviewing significant research papers on omega-3s
  • Published separate white papers on oxidation, contaminants and heart health benefits
  • Funded a meta-analysis (and its publication in 2015) of long-chain omega-3 PUFAs and prostate cancer, published in 2015
  • Funded two meta-analyses of EPA and DHA and coronary heart disease (CHD) risk, one in 2011 and another in 2017.
  • Funded meta-analyses on the effects of omega-3s and blood pressure and triglycerides.
  • Published two additional papers, on conducting clinical studies with omega-3s, and adding omega-3s to the military diet, in peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • Began building a searchable clinical study database to catalog all omega-3 specific research
  • Refuted negative scientific articles with additional published research and consumer product testing
  • Sponsored scientific workshops at International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL) on the essentiality of EPA and DHA and improving the design of omega-3 clinical trials


Member Services and Quality
  • Developed and updated GOED’s Voluntary Technical Monograph and developed new Guidance Documents
  • Developed Proud Member logo to signal compliance with GOED Monograph
  • Responded to thousands of questions from members about regulatory, technical and marketing topics
  • Launched randomized testing program for omega-3 supplements and have tested more than 400 products to date
  • Funded several papers on oxidation of omega-3s (to be published in 2017)
  • Set up a partnership with the US-China Health Products Association to better serve our members involved in the Chinese market



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