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Oceans Omega's liquid ingredient solutions represent exceptional advancements for incorporating and stabilizing Omega-3s in many different categories of products including: food and beverages, pet care, skincare, dietary supplements, medical, meat processing, etc. Our unique stabilization technology and sustainable source of ultra-pure Omega-3s allow us to offer the purest, most stable Omega-3 ingredients in a water-soluble, clear and stable format. Unlike any other Omega-3 additive available on the market today, it leads the competition in every category. Oceans Omega LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mycell Technologies, with corporate offices in Paramus, NJ and manufacturing facilities in the Midwest.
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  • Address : 160 Summit Avenue, Suite 101
  • HQ City : Montvale
  • HQ State : New Jersey
  • HQ Country : United States
  • Website : www.oceansomega.com

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