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Omegatri AS offers direct-compactible (tabletable) powders containing healthy lipids, primarily omega-3. Omegatri's patented technology allows the manufacturing of a new generation of omega-3 health supplement products that is highly differentiable because of the tablet formulation. The use of omega-3 in the form of dry, compactible powder cause foundation for a range of combination products where healthy lipids and other active ingredients can be combined in a safe, stable and convenient unit. The converting of healthy lipids to tablets offers sustained freshness due to unique stability towards oxidation offered by the technology and a health supplement completely free from after-taste frequently experienced with omega-3 capsules. In addition, the preparation of tablets require no gelatine and it is hence possible to offer halal certified alternatives.
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  • Address : Refstad Alle 24
  • HQ City : Oslo
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  • HQ Country : Norway
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