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Iceland accounts for much of the world’s supply of high quality fish oil. Surrounded by cold, clean North Atlantic waters in an exclusive 200-mile fishing zone, Iceland boasts the world’s cleanest, greenest and most modern trawling, rendering, refining and packaging facilities.

We provide the finest fish oils, fish powders, algal powders, and fish oil emulsions in a variety of TG and EE concentrations. We provide material in bulk, encapsulated, liquid-packaged, and softgel-bottled with complete private labeling services made to your specifications. We provide the highest quality Omega-3, Cod Liver Oil, Tuna Oil, Shark Liver Oil, Salmon Oil, Krill Oil, Algal DHA Oil, Squalene, Human-Grade Omega-3 for Pets, and Pet Treats.

All of our products meet the parameters defined by the Council for Responsible Nutrition and the World Health Organization. Iceland is the first nation to have achieved true and complete sustainable fishing and our fishing methods are safe for dolphins and other protected species. We’re Non-GMO and follow the practices of Iceland Responsible Fisheries, NOAA’s Seafood Inspection Program and California’s Proposition 65.
  • Crude Oil Supplier
  • Distributor/Trader
  • Contract Manufacturer
  • Finished Product Company
  • Fish
  • Algae
  • Krill
  • Squid
  • Plant-based
  • Oil
  • Powder
  • Capsules
  • Emulsion
  • Liquid
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Fortified Food
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Pet Food
  • Ethyl Ester
  • Triglyceride
  • Phospholipid
  • Free Fatty Acid

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