Copeinca SAC

Copeinca SAC

CFG-Copeinca is the largest fishmeal and fish oil producer in Peru in terms of its own quota, holding 16.9% of the total allowable catch quota from Peru. The company was born in August 2013 from the fusion of Corporación Pesquera Inca S.A.C (founded in 1994) and CFG Investment (founded in 1996).

The company operates anchovy vessels that fish off the coast of Peru and process the raw material in nine processing plants situated along the Peruvian coast. Eight plants process fish from the North-Centre catch area, while one of them process fish from the south catch area.

The anchovy (Engraulis Ringens) captured in our own vessels, in addition to the purchase from third parties fleet is processed under the highest standards of quality, ensuring a superior level of fishmeal and fish oil. The fishmeal and fish oil are exported to customers throughout the world, being China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and Europe, and other major export destinations

Company Category

  • Crude Oil Supplier

Product Source

  • Fish

Ingredient Form

  • Oil