Management Team

GOED's work is led by its board of directors, four sub-committees and the GOED staff.

Our board is comprised of senior executives from our Leadership Level members, who also select officers to provide oversight. 

The sub-committee chairs are also appointed annually by the board and are responsible for the committees achieving progress on their goals.

Board Members

  • Chair: Albert Strube, BASF
  • Vice-Chair: Jorge Brahm, Golden Omega
  • Secretary: Daniel Wiley, Organic Technologies
  • Treasurer: Gonzalo Caceres, TASA
  • Monetization Officer: Charles Perez, DSM
  • Ben Kelly, Algarithm
  • Todd Norton, Aker Biomarine
  • Joe Vidal, Bioriginal
  • Cari Anderson, Carlson
  • Thomas Gulbrandsen, Epax/Pelagia
  • Adam Ismail, KD Pharma | Marine Ingredients
  • Arnauld Daudruy, Olvea
  • Keri Marshall, Pharmavite
  • Miguel Calatayud, Qualitas
  • Fernando Moreno, Solutex

Committee Chairs

  • Communications: Geoff Wills, Nature's Way of Canada
  • Regulatory Affairs: Paul Browner, DSM
  • Science: Keri Marshall, Pharmavite and Johane Guay, Solutex
  • Technical: Bj√∂rn Rene, Golden Omega

GOED Staff

    Ellen Schutt, Executive Director    

    Harry B. Rice, PhD, Vice President of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs

    Aldo Bernasconi, PhD, Vice President of Data Science

    Mike Roberts, Director of Business Development

    Gerard Bannenberg, PhD, Director of Technical Compliance and Outreach

    Chris Gearheart, Director of Member Communications & Engagement

    Elana Natker, MS, RD, Director of Consumer and Healthcare Practitioner Communications


    Mark Myers, Controller