WHC Health Consulting

WHC Health Consulting

More than 15 years ago WHC-founder Jo Wyckmans was a true pioneer, as he was one of the first to introduce high-dose Omega-3-supplements in Europe and has always been actively involved in studies that demonstrate the importance of Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) in our diet. He now feels experienced and confident enough to introduce 'the very best' Omega-3-supplementation to the USA. All WHC fish oil supplements are 5 star IFOS and are ranked as N°1 and N°2 on Labdoor.com. These extraordinary supplements have been created with one clear goal: provide the highest possible quality, purity and safety, with an excellent demonstrated pharmaceutical quality and the highest Omega-3 concentration as a result. They are produced respecting optimum composition and according to the strictest eco-management standards. WHC Omega-3 supplements are distributed in the USA by QuattroMega Inc. How does a WHC Omega supplement, such as UnoCardio, differ from other brands? Up to 90 - 95% Omega-3 in rTG form Up to a unique 90% r-Triglyceride form Cold and Environmentally-Friendly technology Certified from sustainable fisheries Certified by 3rd party Labdoor.com, IFOS, FOS Not genetically engineered Gluten-free/Lactose free Burp-free and odor free Only Fish Gelatin / No bovine Gelatin Suitable for Pesco vegetarians Yours in Health, Anaheim March 2016 Founder WHC Health Consulting Jo Wyckmans

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  • Friend of the Sea
  • IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards Program)