GOED Launches Clinical Study Database to “Illuminate the Science” on EPA and DHA Omega-3s

It’s been years in the making, but GOED’s Clinical Study Database is now officially available. Developed by the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED), this database is a specialized search tool focused on the scientific literature surrounding EPA and DHA omega-3s. More than 50 independent research assistants helped to review more than 40,000 studies on omega-3s and create a comprehensive, searchable tool that details all human clinical trials – about 4,000 in all.

The database offers both a high-level overview of all the literature abstracts and a deeper curated search on the omega-3 science related to hundreds of different health outcomes. It can be filtered by population, intervention, dosage, study characteristics and much more.

“With this tool, we’re helping researchers and scientists save countless hours of PubMed searches and journal article reading,” said Kaitlin Roke, PhD, director of scientific communication and outreach for GOED. “We see companies using this to understand the body of evidence supporting their omega-3 products, help substantiate claims on marketing materials and inform product development or new research into emerging scientific areas.”

To view a virtual demonstration of the database, visit this link. Access to the database is through subscription, on an annual or quarterly basis, and there is also the option to commission an individual concierge project for a specific project need. Members of GOED receive discounted pricing. To inquire or schedule a personal demo, contact Dr. Roke at kaitlin@goedomega3.com.