Omega-3s in the military: ongoing research shows promise

Over the years there has been substantial interest in researching omega-3s and their health benefits for soldiers and veterans in a variety of scenarios. GOED recently talked to one organization, Samueli Institute, which is intimately involved in this work.

As background, Samueli Institute is a non-profit research organization based in Washington D.C., whose mandate includes “fostering wellness through self-care”  and whose research focuses on “healing, well-being and resilience.” For more than a decade, Samueli Institute has worked with the military to uncover the evidence base for traditional, complementary and integrative medicine—modalities such as acupuncture, massage, yoga, meditation and supplementation—and help them expedite evidence into action to help military members and their families reduce chronic pain, mitigate stress and improve performance.


GOED had a chance to talk with Dr. Kevin Berry, who is the Vice President of Military Medical Research at Samueli about the work the organization is doing. Click the video to hear the story.


If you are interested in additional information about the Samueli Institute, please visit their website and as Dr. Berry mentions in the video, subscribe to the organization’s newsletter to stay up to date on the ongoing projects they have in the omega-3 space.