Bas Arntz

COO and Business Development Director


Base Level Candidate

Tell us about yourself

I graduated from Delft University in the Netherlands with a Masters in Process Engineering. I joined Cargill for 10 years in operations, business development and projects in several countries in Europe. In 2012, I moved with my family of five to Shanghai, China to join Novosana, a leading company that refines fish and algae oils with a focus on the Chinese market. 

I am an experienced business leader with global hands-on experience in operations management, P&L responsibility, project management, change management and building growth. I have a strong background in vegetable and omega-3 oils and I am well aware of the Chinese, Asian and Western aspects of the business, including marketing, innovations, trends and regulations. 

Currently, I am living in the Netherlands with my wife and four children, and we travel frequently to China, Asia and other parts of the world. I love to play competitive tennis, enjoy skiing and travel with my family. 

Why are you running for the Board of Directors?

As Novosana is active in all different markets, from our own brand of health nutrition supplements as well as refining and selling omega-3 ingredients to infant nutrition, functional food dietary supplements and pet food, we are able to serve the interests and concerns of the wide range of Base Level members.  As a company on the Base level, we are happy to have the chance to apply for this position and represent you all.

Novosana is a long term member of GOED, the first member in China as a dedicated refiner of omega-3 oils. We have always been involved with GOED to emphasize and keep track of the developments in China and Asia. Novosana is part of the Alliance Nutrition Group dealing in a great variety of health ingredients, resulting in deep involvement in all related market segments, from pharma and infant nutrition to pet foods and aquafeeds. To make our efforts more in depth and intensify the link to the Chinese market we believe Novosana is a valuable addition to the GOED Board. 

Novosana is a strong mix and link between Chinese and Western style thinking, experience and knowledge. Since 2012, we have been involved with GOED sharing market knowledge about China and being a proud member of the Technical committee. With the growing importance of the Chinese market and the wide range of different markets and customers we serve, we believe joining the Board will add value to all members of GOED. 

We are happy to have the chance to apply for this position and to represent you all as Base Members.