Luis Camilo Palacios

General Manager


Plus Level Candidate

Tell us about yourself

I am Colombian and married with two kids. I'm an Industrial engineer with an MBA. Currently, I am the General Manager of Naturmega, the pioneer omega-3 manufacturer in Latin America. I am a goal-oriented, passionate, result-driven leader that focuses on building solid teams by empowering and potentializing individuals. Also, I strongly believe that people are the main asset a company can have, and focused teamwork is essential for success. 

Why are you running for the Board of Directors?

If I have had the opportunity to serve on other Boards, with my experience I expect to be able to contribute with:

- Being fully engaged with contributing to GOED's strategic and long-term organizational planning.

- Problem-solving, mitigating risk and advising management.

- Contributing to the future stability and sustainability of the organization. 

Also, running for the Board of Directors will allow Naturmega to provide GOED with our know-how and more than 15 years of experience building closer relations with different members and organizations across the industry.