Marc Matoussowsky

Business Unit Leader


Plus Level Candidate

Tell us about yourself

My 39-year career is led by curiosity, adaptation and profit generation in an international playground. After starting as a car salesman for Peugeot group, I have worked in real estate, then in perfumes and cosmetics at Yves Saint Laurent and Prada, in wine and spirits at Cognac Hennessy (LVMH) then Rum Bacardi. In 2017, I moved to dairy products and ingredients (Bel, Sodiaal & Euroserum). In 2020, I joined Fermentalg, a microalgae expert, to lead the Functional Lipids Business unit.

I am French and currently practicing five languages. I have a Ukrainian grandfather and have been married 32 years. I am a father of four and longing to have grandchildren. I am a wine enthusiast and I live in a house once called “Chateau Beaulieu” surrounded by Saint Emilion vineyards near Bordeaux. I have been an all-time rugby player and I needed my knee to break to make me stop at 57.  Now I surf the Atlantic from spring to fall and go mountain biking in winter.

Why are you running for the Board of Directors?

When thinking about what could be my contribution to GOED and its board, I believe my biggest asset is being new to the omega-3 world! Indeed this means I would bring an outside perspective with my 36 years of experience accumulated over the world (notably in Asia), in various industries, in various sizes of companies, having designed and implemented many growth strategies for them.

As a seasoned manager, my all-time motto is: support, collaborate, and elevate. In previous experiences as a board member in a professional association such as Wine and Spirits Exporters Association or French Committee for Perfumes, I have, with great enthusiasm and in a cooperative way, steered the direction and the strategy for the development of the industry and better service to members.

Beyond my person, I am a candidate on behalf of Fermentalg. Fermentalg is a European company, acting in the Global Market, with the agility of a start-up, which has tripled its revenue in the last three years. Fermentalg is a microalgae specialist, dealing with algae oil only. In spite of its still modest size, Fermentalg is one of the very few members of GOED present at every step of the algal omega-3 business. From the proprietary strain to crude oil, then refined oil or powder, the company sells also finished products in a consumer form such as softgels. As a Functional Lipids leader, dealing with development, production, marketing and international sales, this wide span gives me the opportunity to be a fine representative of many GOED members.