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  • Omega-3s Harmful?

    Contrary to results from previous investigations...the present results suggest that a high-fat (>80%) enteral formula supplement with...EPA and DHA...does not benefit individuals with ALI. When the present results...are compared to the totality of the scientific evidence, dismissal of EPA & DHA as part of a useful treatment option for ALI would be premature, not to mention irresponsible

  • Reports that Fish Oil Reduces Chemotherapy Effectiveness are Premature

    While the preclinical experiments reported in the present publication were well designed and executed, the potential applicability of the results to clinical chemotherapy is dependent upon the outcome of additional research.

  • Omega-3 Heart Health Benefit Questioned

    The headline “Study Clouds Picture on Omega-3s and Heart Health” carried by the news media couldn’t be further from the truth

  • GOED Praises American Heart Association Statement on Triglyceride Management

    America’s leading heart disease prevention agency has issued a scientific statement on triglyceride management, which could stand to affect the nearly one-third of the U.S. population that have borderline high triglyceride levels or higher.

  • GOED Announces New Board of Directors

    To reflect continuing membership growth, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA (GOED) confirmed it has expanded its board of directors to 16 members and appointed its officers for fiscal year 2011 during its November board meeting

  • Norway: We Need Better Analytical Tools for Marine Oils

    GOED has its own standard, which is also more severe. 'It's a very positive sign that the industry is establishing more stringent Pharmacopoeia demands " [Gjermund] Vogt stressed.

  • Australian Study Says Omega 3s Can Cut Health Costs

    The study looked at [other complementary treatments]," according to GOED. " All were found to be cost effective, but none as much as fish oils for reducing the costs of secondary cardiovascular disease prevention.

  • Omega-3 study doses were too low for heart protection, claims GOED

    GOED...has said this conclusion should not negate earlier findings of the fatty acids’ benefits at higher doses

  • GOED Offers 'Proud Member' Logo

    The logo program will help suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and others interested in the health benefits of omega-3s to easily identify the companies who have met GOED’s strict quality and ethics standards

  • Oh, Oh, Omegas

    [GOED] and a consortium of eight scientific, trade and consumer advocacy organizations filed a petition with the IOM asking the organization to convene an expert panel to establish DRIs