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  • New Study Highlights Potential US Public Health Impact of Fish Oil

    A new study published in Lipid Technology highlights the potential positive impact of consumption of oil derived from menhaden, a U.S.-caught fish high in the omega-3s EPA and DHA, on public health across the country.

  • Paper Highlights Best Practices for Omega-3 Trials with Cardiovascular Outcomes

    A paper published this week in the journal Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids sheds new light on recent neutral studies questioning the benefits of omega-3s for heart health.

  • New Research Shows Omega-3 Consumption Reduces the Risk of Pre-Term Birth by 58%

    A study found that omega-3 supplement consumption was associated with a 58 percent decrease in the likelihood of early preterm birth (babies born before 34 weeks) and a 17 percent decrease in any preterm delivery (babies born before 37 weeks). In addition, the data shows a longer gestation period and higher average infant birth weight.

  • GOED Issues New Update to its Voluntary Monograph

    Continuing its important focus on omega-3 quality, GOED, the Global Organization of EPA and DHA Omega-3s, has published an update to its GOED Voluntary Monograph, which is among the strictest quality standards in the international omega-3 industry. 

  • GOED Publishes Ingredient Market Report

    GOED has published a comprehensive market on the raw material segment of the global omega-3 market. The 500 page report includes breakdowns by every omega-3 oil source, end product application and geography. 

  • GOED Develops Consumer Brain Health Infographic

    As part of its continuing campaign to educate consumers about the benefits of omega-3s, GOED — working with its Communications Committee — has developed a consumer-friendly infographic on omega-3s and brain health. 

  • GOED, CRN Publish Oxidation White Paper

    In an effort to educate the industry and consumers about the issue of oxidation and omega-3s, GOED and CRN have co-authored a white paper entitled "Oxidation in Omega-3 Oils: An Overview."

  • GOED Appoints Director of Compliance and Scientific Outreach

    GOED is pleased to announce the appointment of Gerard Bannenberg, PhD, to the posiiton of Director of Compliance and Scientific Outreach.

  • GOED Launches Consumer Website, Coalition Test Market Campaign

    GOED has launched a consumer website at

  • Omega-3s Can Significantly Reduce Blood Pressure, Study Finds

    A new study published shows that the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA – commonly found in fatty fish and fish oil supplements – are as effective, if not more effective, in lowering blood pressure as some of the commonly recommended lifestyle changes like increasing physical activity and restricting alcohol and sodium intake.