BioCeuticals is Australia’s leading provider of nutritional and therapeutic supplements. Renowned for manufacturing and delivering high quality integrative medicines to healthcare practitioners, BioCeuticals aims to consistently raise the standards of natural-based therapies.

With quality, innovation and integrity as guiding principles, BioCeuticals is at the forefront of ensuring complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) become an integral part of the Australian allied healthcare industry.

BioCeuticals has a strong commitment to research, functional formulas and reliable practitioner support. Our supplements are recognised by qualified healthcare practitioners as well as patients; a fact that reflects our reputation as a progressive force in integrative health.

The BioCeuticals practitioner-only brand is proudly owned by Australia’s largest healthcare company, Blackmores Limited.

Company Category

  • Finished Product Company

Raw Material Source

  • Algae
  • Fish
  • Krill

Omega-3 Chemical Form

  • Triglyceride

Product Form

  • Capsules
  • Liquid

Finished Product Category

  • Dietary Supplement