Carlson Laboratories

Carlson Laboratories

Carlson Laboratories has been supplying the highest quality nutritional supplements for over 45 years. Their award-winning fish oils are renowned for their purity and great taste.

Founded by John and Susan Carlson in 1965, Carlson Laboratories began as a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing only the highest quality nutritional supplements. Beginning with a single vitamin E formula, the Carlson family has grown the line to become the most complete line of vitamin E products in the world. Carlson has also been specializing in the finest Norwegian fish oils since 1982. Their award-winning fish oil products are renowned for their purity and great taste.

Carlson’s innovative product line continues to grow and now includes over 250 formulas designed for heart health and other nutritional needs.

Today, the next generation of Carlson continues to ensure that the Carlson family name represents the quality supplements people have come to expect.

Carlson is dedicated to quality. It’s reflected in everything they do, from their manufacturing and operating facilities, to the supplements they make, to the service their customers receive. They feel so strongly about the high quality and purity of their products that they guarantee their products will meet their customers’ complete satisfaction. If not, the purchase price will be refunded.

Company Category

  • Finished Product Company

Product Source

  • Fish
  • Squid

Omega-3 Form

  • Ethyl Ester
  • Triglyceride

Ingredient Form

  • Oil
  • Capsules
  • Liquid
  • Other

Finished Product

  • Dietary Supplement