KD Pharma

KD Pharma

Since 1990 KD Pharma Bexbach GmbH has been specialised in the environmentally-compatible separation and extraction of highly-unsaturated fatty acids – mainly omega-3 fatty acids – from natural oils with supercritical/liquid CO2 (supercritical fluid chromatography [SFC] & supercritical fluid extraction [SFE]). Today, its patented know-how indisputably makes it one of the leading companies in this field. Owing to the high quality and purity (up to 99%) of the oils the omega-3 fatty acids produced from KD Pharma are sold to customer all over the world. KD Pharma has a certified GMP process, is FDA approved and is also certified according ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:1999. This allows KD Pharma to deliver Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for omega-3 based drugs as well as food supplements world wide. KD Pharma is doing great efforts to protect the environment. The EMAS certificate as well as the membership of the PARSAG project and the Umweltpakt Saar are some of the visible results of these efforts. No matter which composition or concentration – KD Pharma Bexbach GmbH creates your oil.

Company Category

  • Refiner/Concentrator

Raw Material Source

  • Algae
  • Fish

Omega-3 Chemical Form

  • Triglyceride
  • Ethyl Ester
  • Free Fatty Acid

Product Form

  • Capsules
  • Oil (Concentrate, Refined oil, Minimally processed oil)


  • Friend of the Sea
  • USP Verified Dietary Supplement Program
  • NSF Dietary Supplement Certification Program
  • IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards Program)
  • MarinTrust