KinOmega Biopharm Inc

KinOmega Biopharm Inc

KinOmega Biopharm is a dedicated global manufacturer of highly concentrated pharmaceutical purity Omega-3 EPA/DHA concentrates with US Drug Master File, and has strong R&D and technique background in Omega-3 purification, separation and concentration. Our latest generation Molecular Distillation facility is of large capacity with annual volume 1500MTs, which delivers a wide range of specifications with different EPA/DHA concentration levels and ratios.

With the support of the R&D background, proprietary purification technology in removal of heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins, and the gentle process to protect against oxidation, KinOmega Biopharm is devoted to producing and delivering a pure, safe, stable, bioequivalent and reliable Omega-3 fatty acids EPA/DHA range to the growing omega-3 market and consumers.

We deliver both API Omega-3 EPA/DHA formula, such as KinOmega 4638EE Omega-3 Acid Ethyl Ester 90% and KinOmega 5520 FFA Omega-3 Free Fatty Acid, and nutraceutical grade oil, like DHA70EE&TG;, EPA70EE&TG;, 1050EE&TG;, 50&20EE;&TG;,and many others.


South Economic Development Zone
City: Shifang
State: Sichuan
Country: China
Zip: 618400

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