Since its founding in 2013, Pattern has profitably grown to more than 1,500 employees helping brands sell on ecommerce marketplaces in 60+ countries. We partner with some of the leading supplement brands to accelerate their sales on online marketplaces, including Pure Encapsulations, Thorne, Standard Process, Vital Nutrients, Garden of Life, Douglas Laboratories, Seroyal, and LifeSeasons.

Why Brands Work With Pattern

We Buy Your Inventory
On day one of our partnership, we’ll place orders for all of the inventory we’ll sell in the first few months. As we sell it, we’ll keep buying more. Our unique model is designed to accelerate your ecommerce growth as quickly as possible.

We Identify Acceleration Gaps
Using our data science foundation and technology, we’ll identify your most urgent ecommerce acceleration gaps. Then, together with our marketplace managers, we’ll make a plan to execute strategies that fill the gaps, unleashing your acceleration potential at a global scale.

We Apply Tech & Services
Using our proprietary software and team of marketplace experts Pattern provides growth and control for ecommerce and marketplaces. Finally, you’ll have the bandwidth and the right data to achieve your ecommerce goals.

Your Ecommerce Growth Accelerates
Capitalizing on data insights from our technology, we’ll help you accelerate strategies for revenue growth and brand control. You’ll see continued benefits as your product stays in stock, and our marketing strategies and optimization techniques increase your sales.

We Repeat at Global Scale
Why identify patterns in ecommerce data? To find the winning formula and repeat it across new markets and regions. We’ll work with you to examine global expansion opportunities and the marketplaces we can dominate next.

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