Sifar Ilaclari

Sifar Ilaclari

SIFAR ILACLARI was established in 1966. For the first 35 years, the company has been active in the Turkish pharmaceutical sector. During this span, Sifar represented various multinational firms and also launched its own branded generics. It became the first Turkish company to export pharmaceuticals to former Soviet Union. Towards the end of 1990’s, Sifar ceased its activities in the pharmaceutical market.

The new century has opened a new era for Sifar and the company entered the food supplements field with own brand “New Life”. New Life is offering high quality, innovative products. All of the production for New Life is done in Europe and USA. The Omega-3 line, with the sub-brand EFA, has high concentrate capsules (60% and higher), chewable capsules with DHA, and higher DHA liquids.

Currently, New Life products are available only in Turkey and sold through pharmacies.

Company Category

  • Finished Product Company

Product Source

  • Fish

Omega-3 Form

  • Triglyceride

Ingredient Form

  • Capsules
  • Liquid

Finished Product

  • Dietary Supplement


  • IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards Program)