Vardin Pelagic

Vardin Pelagic

Varðin Pelagic has been operating in the pelagic fish industry since 2012, where the operations are significantly influenced by our commitment to sustainability and innovation.
The company is totally vertically integrated, which gives us total control of the value chain from catch to distribution.

Our location is perfectly situated in the North Atlantic fishing grounds ensuring the freshest raw material of Atlantic mackerel, Atlantic herring and Blue Whiting, which Varðin is specialized in catching and processing. Our state-of-art fishing fleet of four ships is the largest pelagic fleet in the Faroe Islands, equipped with modern trawls for efficient catches, quality inspection workstations and superior RSW cooling systems.

In line with our dedication to innovation, we're proud to unveil a new fishing vessel to our fleet for the upcoming season, which will improve and greater our efficiency.

We prioritize sustainable fishing practices through stringent management of quotas, recognizing the vital importance of preserving life below water. With one of the most advanced pelagic processing plant in the world, with own quality control department, we ensure that the highest hygiene standards are met throughout processing. We ensure a reliable supply for customers globally and take pride in offering our products with complete traceability, freshness, and quality.

We constantly strive for optimization, therefore we gear up to unveil our new state-of-the-art production facility by 2026, dedicated to producing high quality fish oil with a mission to reduce waste and enhancing sustainability.

Celebrating our commitment to sustainability, we derive quality fish oil from fresh, food-grade trimmings sourced from Atlantic mackerel and Atlantic herring, ensuring maximum utilization of resources to enhance health and well-being.

Our commitment drives us to explore new possibilities, ensuring that no valuable resource goes to waste. We are passionate about harnessing the potential of underutilized Blue Whiting for human consumption, aiming to craft quality fish oil. Blue Whiting is of the cod family and has comparable levels of DHA and EPA to cod liver oil.

Around 80.000 tons of Blue Whiting are assigned to the company, and it endeavors to use this quota in a manner that is both environmentally sustainable and resource-efficient, thereby avoiding any unnecessary waste.

Company Category

  • Crude Oil Supplier