• Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025 Published

    GOED is pleased with the recognition of seafood’s benefits, specifically in the description in the third dietary guideline, but we are disappointed by the lack of a connection to EPA and DHA.

  • 6 Takeaways from the Last 3 Years in the Omega-3 Industry

    It’s common knowledge that the omega-3 industry has been in a sales slump for the past few years. While the market is now showing signs of recovery, there are definitely some lessons to be learned from the activity over the last three years. Lesson 1: The market was already maturing before the sales decline that started in mid-2013. The omega-3 industry had enjoyed years of double digit growth but as the market matured in North America, it was somewhat inevitable that those growth figures could not be maintained without increased industry investment in marketing and science. Lesson 2: Ye...

  • Guest Blog: Healthy heart education campaign crucial for Americans

    GOED is pleased to include a guest blog from Linda Cornish, Executive Director of Seafood Nutrition Partnership, a GOED member with similar goals to increase seafood (and therefore omega-3) consumption in the U.S. Read on for details on an innovative messaging program Seafood Nutrition Partnership has developed. Seafood Nutrition Partnership (SNP), a national non-profit and affiliate member of GOED, has as its one of its goals helping women at risk of heart disease eat the recommended amount of seafood and take in adequate amounts of omega-3s. To that end, SNP piloted a grassroots public h...

  • The real story of omega-3s in heart health

    On March 31, The New York Times published an article titled, “Fading claims on fish oils.” The article suggests that the majority of clinical trials measuring effects of fish oil have found “no evidence that fish oil lowers risk for heart attack or stroke.” An important question the article did not address is, “What are the heart health benefits of fish oil?” Here is a more complete answer to that question. The EPA and DHA omega-3s found in fish oils are just like any other nutrient—they are important for your whole body and are a basic part of human nutrition and a building block for eve...

  • Omega-3 Insights site going strong with great omega-3 content

    As we head into 2015, there’s no shortage of news and new developments around omega-3s. Therefore GOED is excited that we will continue our involvement with the SupplySide Omega-3 Insights web portal to ensure our members have access to new market trends, technology developments and issues of importance to your business. This is the third year of our partnership and GOED feels strongly that we have offered true quality content on omega-3s throughout the past two years.   In the first two years, this partnership has produced 21 Reports, nine digital magazine issues, a large number of sli...

  • How can we combat “omega-3 fatigue” in the media?

    GOED’s recently-commissioned meta analysis linking omega-3 intake to a reduction in blood pressure was very exciting for us and for our members. Lead author Dominik Alexander, principal epidemiologist at Exponent, said that it’s rare to see such a large body of research (70 studies) with such a consistent result. Additionally, the message that consuming omega-3s can help reduce blood pressure as much as other common lifestyle changes like reducing sodium or alcohol intake and increasing physical activity is an easy one for consumers to understand. Yet the media has not been overly inte...

  • U.S. Joint Chiefs Says Omega 3s Could Improve Force Fitness

    GOED said, ...'the specific mention of omega 3s means the U.S. military is giving serious thought to the role they can play in soldiers' health

  • Lovaza Battles Supplements for Slice of Omega-3 Market

    These ads have been good for business [by] bringing awareness to the whole category," [said Adam Ismail, Executive Director of GOED]