Celebrate Global Omega-3 Day™ on Friday, March 3

On Friday, March 3rd, sear some salmon, eat those anchovies and remember to take your fish oil, krill oil or algal oil supplement. That’s because March 3 (03-03) is Global Omega-3 Day™.

EPA and DHA omega-3s are in every cell of the body and help support a healthy heart, brain, eyes and pregnancy. We need these omega-3s all throughout life, yet more than 95% of Americans, and 80% of people worldwide, fall short of getting these important nutrients.

That’s why GOED, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s, created Global Omega-3 Day, a single-day event to shine a light on EPA and DHA omega-3s, share details about their important health benefits and help people understand why they might need to increase their intake.

To increase EPA and DHA omega-3 consumption across the world, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED) is rallying its 180+ member companies, partners and the public to celebrate this important day and get the word out about these nutrients. On Global Omega-3 Day, many GOED member brands will have discounts on their products and several grocery chains in the United States, including Hy-Vee and Rouse’s Supermarket, will host offer omega-3 testing and educational activities.

GOED has created a website at GlobalOmega3Day.com, where there are free downloadable graphics and more details for all to share. Be sure to use the hashtags #GlobalOmega3Day and #AlwaysOmega3s. Follow the Global Omega-3 Day activities on Instagram (@AlwaysOmega3s) and Facebook.

ABOUT GOED: GOED is the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s, a not-for-profit trade association committed to responsibly developing, sustaining and expanding markets for EPA & DHA omega-3s. GOED works to increase consumption of omega-3s around the world and to ensure the industry is producing quality products that consumers can trust.

Media Inquiries: Vicky Lin, Communications Manager

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