Omega-3 Conference, GOED Exchange 2020, Open for Registration

GOED Exchange, the premier biennial event for omega-3 professionals, is now open for registration. With the theme of “stimulating growth in the omega-3 industry,” this international conference is unique in its out-of-the-box content and its ability to bring together thought leaders and the brightest minds in the omega-3s industry, for conversation, networking and education.

The event will take place February 4-6, 2020 in Barcelona, Spain at the Hotel Arts. Featured sessions include:

  • New York Times best-selling author Seth Stephens-Davidowitz explaining what your customers’ Google searches tell you about how they think
  • Important omega-3 scientific updates on the latest brain and cognitive health research as well as a landmark study about to be published on omega-3s and dose-response in cardiovascular outcomes
  • A comprehensive presentation on consumer insights and market dynamics and how they can stimulate growth in the omega-3 category
  • A special interactive “omega-3 sensory experience” session
  • A presentation looking at “tele-medicine” and how the medical paradigm is changing
  • Plus, sessions on omega-3 policy, supply chain issues and much more

The three-day conference draws executives from the global supply chain in corporate management, sales and marketing, and R&D. For more information, visit or email