Welcome To The New GOED Current

GOED is pleased to introduce our newly expanded weekly newsletter, now titled The GOED Current. This is our answer to requests from members to provide regular information on a variety of topics while not increasing the number of emails they receive. The GOED Current will be sent out every Monday and we will continue to send out Breaking News alerts separately, but on a less frequent basis. Read on for more details.

  • In the Monday newsletter, we are now adding a lead editorial article each week. Sometimes this will be on a topic “in the news”; other features will include details about upcoming GOED strategic plans, international topics of interest to members or requests for GOED member input. This will consolidate some of the less urgent News Alerts we previously sent out in addition to our weekly news, and allow us to share articles we think are interesting for people in the omega-3 industry.

  • Please note that we will continue to send out News Alerts under the “Breaking News” banner but these will now be of high importance — ie., GOED Receives Blood Pressure Health Claim,” “GOED Provides Feedback on a Negative News Study,” GOED Publishes Cardiovascular Meta Analysis.” You’ll be able to tell the difference by the BREAKING NEWS banner, pictured below.

  • As before, we will continue to aggregate omega-3 related news from a variety of international sources. In order to make this easier for members to navigate, we’ll now be segmenting these items into categories such as new products, regulatory and government news, member-sponsored research and financial news.

  • We are introducing a new Ask GOED section that will feature a question that GOED is asked on a regular basis, along with a video answer by one of the GOED staff.  If you have questions you’d like to see answered in the future, please let us know (link to news@goedomega3.com). These will also be archived in the Member Section of the GOED website for future reference.

  • We will also continue our Member Notes section to alert you as new members join GOED and keep you informed about upcoming member meetings or other items of interest.

  • We will continue to include special offers from trade show and media partners that we think are important for our members to be aware of.

  • Lastly, the title masthead for The GOED Current has a colorful background on it. This image is not just from the whimsical imagination of a nerdy GOED staff member; it actually reflects “real-time” oceanographic and weather conditions for parts of the world with special importance to omega-3s.  We will change the image regularly to show a new region or type of map.  This week’s graphic shows the oceanic currents off the coast of Northern Peru during the week of August 12.  You can move your mouse over the image for a description of every week.

Ocean currents map depicting coast of Northern Peru, August 2015

We consider this new newsletter program to be a work in progress and we’d love to hear your feedback about how we can make this publication more valuable to you and your colleagues. Please email news@goedomega3.com with your comments.