For the Omega-3 Industry

GOED works to set high standards for the industry and educate industry participants about omega-3 issues. If you are planning on buying or selling EPA and DHA omega-3 oils, we have resources that may help.

GOED Voluntary Monograph

The GOED Voluntary Monograph has served as the definition of quality in the industry since 2002.  The Monograph adopts the strictest aspects of quality and safety regulations around the world, ensuring that products meeting our standard are safe and effective.

GOED Guidance Documents

There are an increasing number of sources of EPA and DHA that require unique analytical and quality. The GOED Technical Committee has also developed a set of Guidance Documents to help the industry find adequate analytical methods and work with specific types of EPA and DHA oils.

GOED members have a unique commitment to quality.  As a condition of joining our membership, all companies sign affidavits agreeing to adhere to the quality standards in the GOED Voluntary Monograph and our Code of Ethics and Business Practices.  Visit to learn more and to verify that your suppliers and customers are GOED members.

GOED Intake Recommendations

Based on a thorough review of the science and international recommendations for EPA and DHA, GOED has established its own official GOED Intake Recommendations.

GOED / AOCS Lab Proficiency Program (LPP) Testing

The “AOCS/GOED EPA and DHA Series” is designed to assess the proficiency of labs in measuring the most common aspects of the GOED Voluntary Monograph for EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) omega-3 oils. Several GOED members and independent laboratories have partnered with AOCS Technical Services to provide quality reference materials and LPP precision data regarding EPA and DHA. Please visit this page for more information.

GOED White Papers and Industry Advisories

  • GOED, in conjunction with the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), has published a white paper on oxidation in omega-3 oils.

Click here to download Oxidation in Omega-3 Oils: An Overview

  • GOED and its Technical Committee have developed guidelines for handling oxidation challenges in the processing of omega-3 oils, which can be accessed below.

GOED Best-Practice Guidelines on Oxidation Control

  • GOED worked with the AlwaysOmega3s Science Advisory Council to develop a white paper on the heart health benefits of omega-3s.

Click here to download Heart Health Benefits of EPA and DHA

  • GOED has issued an Industry Advisory on the recurring videos showing ethyl ester omega-3s dissolving a polystyrene cup. 

Click here to download Ethyl Esters and Polystyrene.

GOED-Designed Infographics

GOED has created several infographics to help educate consumers and health practitioners about the benefits of omega-3s.