GOED is a membership-driven trade association representing the EPA and DHA omega-3 industry with over 180 members from around the world. We are committed to the sustainability of our industry and as such are keen to glean a better sense of the sustainability impacts across the sector and identify those sustainability issues, including environmental, social, health, economic and governance issues, which can be improved.

Motivated by this commitment, we commissioned a “horizon scan” report in early 2023 from sustainable food consultancy Tasting the Future to research and explain more than 20 environmental, social, or governance trends that will become increasingly important to our category.

The results of this work were published in August 2023, and are now available to all stakeholders in the EPA+DHA omega-3 space. 

Please download the report below and contact us with any feedback about the report or the sustainability of the omega-3 value chain.

Download the Scan

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