Using internet search trend data to measure interest in omega-3s

GOED’s mission is to support the omega-3 industry worldwide. Understanding the top questions, attitudes and perceptions of global consumers about these nutrients and products is a crucial part of that process. Traditional consumer research can be unconsciously biased by research teams or the tendency of respondents to give aspirational rather than truthful answers about their knowledge, motivations or behavior. 

Looking at what consumers are searching for online provides actual unfiltered queries that reflect the true thoughts of the person searching. Accordingly, GOED researched consumer search trend data to analyze how consumers interact with the topic of omega-3s globally (1) at baseline and (2) in response to different media activities.

Report contents

This 120+ slide report includes consumer search analysis of omega-3 topics on a global scale dating back to 2004, and also includes: 

  • Comparative regional analysis across North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and South America
  • Individual analysis of the US, Canada, Mexico, China, Vietnam, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom, France, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Chile, Brazil, Peru and Australia

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