Consumer Market Research

GOED conducts consumer omnibus surveys in countries around the world. To date we have surveyed consumers in more than 20 countries regarding attitudes and behaviors around health and wellness activities. Sample size is 1,000 people and is nationally representative of the consuming class in each country. We repeat key countries to also gather trending information. 

Survey questions include: 

  • Where do you go for health advice?
  • What influences your decision to purchase a health and wellness product?
  • What are your most important health concerns?
  • Why did you start taking an omega-3 product/consuming more omega-3s?
  • If you do not consume omega-3s, why not?

We have created a data analysis tool to allow users to compare answers in various countries, among different population groups (according to age or gender, for example) or between users and non-users of omega-3s. A sample output is shown below. 

In addition to the data tool, users have access to raw Excel data for all countries surveyed and we are working on a set of "highlight" slides to showcase top learnings from each of the countries.

Cost of consumer research data and access to analysis tool: