Inspired by historical metabolic research on EPA+DHA omega-3s and general interest within the industry, GOED has published reports summarizing the relationship between EPA+DHA and two skin conditions — dermatitis and psoriasis. The reports were created with the help of GOED's Clinical Study Database (CSD), a powerful tool developed and maintained by GOED to compile and organize more than 4,500 human clinical studies related to EPA and DHA omega-3s. 

These two conditions are stand-ins for common omega-3 skin health marketing claims like "promotes glowing, healthy, smooth skin," which don't match any scientifically recognized clinical outcomes. 

The November 2022 reports cover research specific to both conditions and EPA+DHA across 90% of all abstracts published to date, and across interventional studies published to the end of 2019. 

[To learn more about the CSD — and how we saved more than 30 hours of work putting this report together compared to employing a traditional academic search strategy — click here.]

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